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We are happy to be plastic free

Each kit lasting up to 3 months prevent the production of 12 plastic containers, 1 plastic toothbrush and 90 Q-tips. Over one year it adds up to 48 plastic containers, 4 toothbrushes and 360 Q-tips. Beyond the absence of plastic bottles, we focused on the idea of ​​having no unnecessary packaging for the transport and delivery of our products.

Handmade with care in Europe

Parts of greenology solids are handmade in Latvia where we carefully selected our manufacturer. All our products were developed in close collaboration with their chemists to be super clean and still efficient and nice to use.

Some small batches of body care are also handmade here in Brussels by Anne-So & Chloé.

 We are proud to be cruelty free & vegan 

At greenology, taking care of you and the planet is one of our essential missions. It goes without saying that taking care of animals while preserving their status as sensitive beings is just as important. We can guarantee 100% cruelty-free & vegan products.

We prevent water pollution

Thanks to our solid routine you can avoid wasting plastic containers that would end up in our oceans. We also prevent harmful chemicals present in classical cleansing products to get into rivers and pollute our ecosystems.

All green everything on the INCI analyzers

While developing our formulas with our chemists, we made sure to only use safe and good ingredients both for you and our planet. We used the INCI Beauty website to check that all our products are beyond reproach.

From us to you seamlessly

The content of the starter kit is designed to fit in an envelope and go into mailboxes so that postmen can deliver it directly during their daily round. You’ll never need to worry about not being home or have to run to a parcel depot to get your kit!

This also makes our delivery carbon neutral since we are using existing networks and preventing additional trips.

We are saving water 

Our body cares are solid thus it takes a lot less water to produce them. Indeed, using our solid products represents an 80% water saving compared to liquid options. Solid options also rinse much faster than liquid ones. Your hygiene is essential, as is water. Taking care of both is possible with greenology.

Protecting our nature with Natagora

For each kit sold, we make a donation to Natagora to protect 1m² of nature. Their mission is to create preserves where our wildlife and flora can develop freely again.

Planting trees is good but it’s even better to restore original local habitats.

Our shared vision gave us the will to launch the greenology movement.

A movement based on the 3 pillars of sustainable development :

  • affordable and sustainable
  • social and fair
  • ecology of desire with measurable impact on the environment

Purchasing power should not be an obstacle to ecological transition.

The economy must finally serve the socio-environmental and not the other way around. The economy can no longer be content to create wealth, it must reinvent itself by changing society towards achievable socio-environmental objectives.

In order to do our part, we work to raise awareness and inspire, by offering you an eco-responsible, vegan, innovative, easy, pleasant and affordable solution to take care of you and our planet.

greenology is our answer to the plastic and chemical pollution. greenology is also our answer to allergens, irritants and other endocrine disruptors poisoning us little by little every day.

We offer an all-in-one solution, zero plastic and zero harmful chemical without guilt and hassle : a kit containing all the body care essentials you simply need to stay fresh and clean.

By providing a valuable alternative to plastic, greenology is positioning itself as your life partner in the ecological transition, first step in your bathroom!

From experience, we are deeply convinced : we can make a difference by tweaking our daily consumption habits without paying a high price. It’s far from being la mer à boire and it’s also the butterfly effect.

And don’t forget, the best waste is the one we don’t produce.

Be part of the solution, not the pollution.