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Our Story

greenology is the project of two young women from Belgium, Anne-So the communication director and Chloé the web developer.

We’ve known each other for over 10 years now, we studied together back at university. We have the same bachelor and master degrees, Communication and Political Science.

After that Anne-So worked at the Brussels Region as a political communicator while Chloé moved to Seattle where she learned to code.

Our life paths, although quite different those past few years, led us both to become aware of environmental issues like pollution due to plastic packaging and public health issues like endocrine disruptors carried by chemicals contained in food and hygiene products.

Our goal is clear, creating an eco-conscious and affordable daily routine which lets you take better care of you and the planet.

If you are aware of the environmental and health challenges but do not always know where to start to stay clean without getting the planet dirty, greenology is for you. Join the movement, ditch plastic,  join greenology.